Girl’s Brigade 20/01/2018

In the morning, I just finished my GB’s activity this week. Although we stayed at the school, we had a valuable morning. In accordance with practice, we formed in ,sang songs, played games. Besides, we had something special. As for me, I learned about the history of GB and how to get the uniform dressed normatively! These are both important for our GB’ members! Wow! The most different thing is that we had a small test today!

Girl’s Brigade1.15

This Saturday, I had a really unusual Saturday morning. Unlike ordinary GB’s activities, we went to rock climbing. Besides, it was my first time to do this sport, and I have to say it was a challenge for me. The first time I tried I was so scared and didn’t get to know the proper method. In that case, I didn’t climb to the top successfully. When I climbed down, my team members and trainers encouraged me, well, I did the second time, I succeed. I still remember the scene when I climbed down, one of my team members hugged me and captains praised me. What a meaningful morning, isn’t it? Looking forward to the next time!😋

Girl’s Brigade 02/12/2017

Today, I just finished the GB activity. Today is also the last time our BBGB members gathering together this year.Therefore, it was a little bit special indeed.

At the beginning , we were divided into three different groups to clean up the school. Our group was assigned to go to the basketball court. Because the field was so clean , we finished our work quickly. And then, we did our conventional activities as singing, sharing, and playing games. Well, the most particular today was we had a big lunch in order to celebrate the Christmas ahead of schedule and make a perfect end for BBGB club in 2017. We all enjoyed it. In addition, I was so happy and thankful since I received the greeting card from our captain!

A powerful picture

In oral class this week, our oral teacher asked us to share some pictures which can be regarded as powerful pictures. And I’d like to share one of them now.

This picture was pictured in Guizhou, a province of China. We can readily deduce that an elder child need to take care of the younger one in a family, because parents won’t have enough time to look after them. Therefore, every child being born in the rural area, due to the poverty and backward situation, need to share the responsibility for their parents. Although they are more independent than other peers, they lost the chance to attend school and enjoy their childhood.

Ultimately, it is hard to say whether they are fortunate or not, but I hope these problems can be solved as soon as possible.🙏

Girls’ Brigade19/11/2017

GB activity this weekend can be said the most unusual activity I have taken since I joined GB. What did we do? We went kayaking this week, and this was the first time for me to control a canoe by myself. And it was a little bit difficult for me obviously. Yesterday, we just learned a few skills for going kayaking, even that I was hopeless and tried due to my poor skill and inferior balanced ability. After yesterday’s training, I even want to give up today’s training. However, my roommate who had a good command of going kayaking encouraged me to carry on. In that case , I continued today’s training and I learned how to rescue my friends , how to balance the canoe and so on. Although I was exhausted after complete all the trainings, I felt satisfied and successful.What a meaningful activity, isn’t it?👍🏻

Girls’ Brigade 12/11/2017

Yesterday, as every Saturday morning, I took part in GB and had a very meaningful and interesting morning.

At the beginning , except the normal activity, we learned a new song—vesper.After that, we had a share interrelates to our healthy game. Besides, we used scissors and glue to do some handwork. These handwork all reflected our concepts and attitudes towards life .

And then, we played an energetic game. This game not only let us do some sports but also brought a lot of laugh and happiness to us.

Looking forward to the next GB!😊😊

Girls’ Brigade 04/11/2017

Last Saturday, I had spent a different morning because of our Girls’ Brigade acitivity. Compared to the normal activities,  that day ,we went outside and took a walk with our team members, fortunately our guide was Mrs Sim-one of my favorite teachers in GB. Besides, it wasn’t just wandering and chatting, at the same time, we used the map and compass to plan our routes and find the destinations. When we arrived a correct destination, we need to complete a small task, such as a game, a physical trainning, as well as a riddle. During the activity, I met a few friends and in the way to the destinations we communicated with each other and known more about each other. But above all , we learned how to use the compass and map in our daily life. Applying the knowledge to the practice life made me happy. However, I have to say the temperature was too high and we were tired after the activity, but it was also an efficient exercise , wasn’t it?😊